The Investment Crowdfunding Transformation For Black-Owned Businesses

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Support Small Businesses

SBA Loans Are Failing Black-Owned Businesses According to the latest data during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Black-owned businesses experienced declines of 41%, and the PPP loans  Loans provided through the government’s Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses, administered by the Treasury Department and the SBA, reached only 20% of eligible firms in areas with the highest densities of … Read More

4 Reasons Building Local Crowdfunding Ecosystems Can Save Black-Owned Businesses

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Black Owned Businesses

Introduction  To thrive in the modern business world it’s important to understand how to market your small independent business and this is going to be even more important in the post-COVID-19 crisis small business environment. A recent survey shows establishing customer relationships through marketing and promotion is the second-largest concern among independent business owners after securing access to capital. In … Read More

The Black Tax: The Unseen Hand that Henders Blacks Founders In The Friends and Family Round

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Black Business

Introduction Black Professionals work hard and save to pay for their college education, but there is an unseen hand often referred to as the Black Tax. After 400 years in America, Black people find themselves on the losing end of the racial wealth gap. According to a Federal Reserve Report, White people own 86% of the nation’s wealth but they … Read More

Why Real Estate Crowdfunding Is A Must For The Black Community!

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Real Estate Development

Introduction to the Crowd Economy The wealth of Black people in America and the gap between other racial groups has been well documented, but that doesn’t mean Black folks don’t have any money to spend. Even though the racial wealth gap is actually widening, Black people still have tremendous economic buying power. What if we took some of that and … Read More

Why Real Estate Crowdfunding and Black Fix and Flip Real Estate Investors Are a Match Made in Heaven

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Real Estate Investing

Introduction I post into 15 Black real estate investor Facebook groups across the Midwest and this group has over 15K members of professional real estate investors. What are fix and flip real estate investors and how do they operate? Why is this model a great match for real estate crowdfunding? House flipping—buying distressed homes, rehabbing them quickly, and selling them … Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Provides a Pathway for Black Developers to raise Capital from the Community and For The Community to Build Wealth Through Inclusive Investing!

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Black Real Estate Development

Introduction  Real estate investment is one of the four most common types of investments, alongside cash, bonds, and shares. Of the four, real estate has been the best performing investment in modern history. Though through lack of access to sufficient funding, most people have been excluded from getting involved and enjoying the benefits. Real estate crowdfunding has democratized investing in … Read More

The Capital Stack In The Age of Investment Crowdfunding

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Real Estate Development

Introduction The capital stack is an essential concept in real estate investment, as it details how a transaction is financed. Most commercial real estate acquisitions or developments receive investment from more than one source and investors with different goals. Real estate crowdfunding has moved firmly into the mainstream as a tool to raise capital from retail investors. It’s essential to … Read More

The SOS Show Wants To Build Affordable Housing That Allows Low-Income People to Invest Using Regulation Crowdfunding Investors With A Little As $100

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Real Estate Crowdfunding

Introducing Regulation Crowdfunding May 16th, 2016 Regulation Crowdfunding became law and this allowed issueors to raise up to $1.07 million in capital for businesses and real estate development. This was a game changer with Reg CF having a break-out year in 2020 with people moving online in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and government mandated lockdowns. According to Crowdfund Capital … Read More