Facebook Has A Black Problem The American Dream Marketplace Provides An Alternative Solution

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The global social media juggernaut, Facebook, finds itself at the center of the lack of diversity in hiring controversy. Facebook’s family of apps garner nearly 3 billion monthly users worldwide. Still, internally, the social media giant is struggling to represent the diversity of those it serves. The lack of diversity in tech is well documented and a longstanding issue that continues to plague Facebook. After years of pledges to close the racial gap, Facebook is still struggling to hire, promote and retain Black employees at a critical moment in corporate America’s racial reckoning with systemic inequities. From 2013 to 2018, the company failed to increase the number of employees from underrepresented groups in the U.S meaningfully. U.S. workforce, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

Facebook Black Workforce By The Numbers

Facebook’s U.S. employee base grew more than sixfold to 27,705 between 2013 to 2018, but Black employees grew by fewer than 1,000 according to the EEO-1 reports, the company files each year with the federal government. Black employees’ share of the company’s workforce during that rapid expansion rose to 3.7% from 1%. In 2018, Facebook’s most recent data had 32 Black executives, 3% of all executives. Facebook employs 485 Black women in the U.S. – 1.75% of its workforce.

Facebook Settles With The U.S. Government

Facebook Inc. has agreed to pay up to $14.25 million to settle civil claims by the U.S. government that the social media company discriminated against American workers and violated federal recruitment rules. The two related settlements were announced by the Justice Department and Labor Department and confirmed by Facebook. In Tuesday’s payments, the Justice Department said that Facebook used recruitment practices designed to deter U.S. workers, requiring applications to be submitted only by mail, refusing to consider American workers who applied for positions, and hiring only temporary visa holders.

The ADM Solution

The American Dream Marketplace’sace’s internal research found 70 Facebook Black Business groups with almost 1 million members and 15 Black real estate professionals and Black real estate investors groups with over 25,000 members. The American Dream Marketplace provides a Black business-focused online platform that provides increased opportunities for B2B business and revenue generation through networking and mentorship, grew B2C business opportunities through its Black Business directory, the opportunity to monetize groups through paid membership groups, and revenue sharing of digital advertising between the platform and Black businesses. Social networking companies have monetized their user base through digital advertising dollars, but they don’t share them with users like the ADM. For more information on using this innovative Black business-focused social network to increase your business revenue and set up your free personal and business account, please visit The American Dream Marketplace