The American Dream Marketplace Provides State-Of-The-Art Digital Solutions For Black-Owned Businesses

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By investing in the American Dream Marketplace more Black-owned companies, you help create more opportunities for meaningful savings, property ownership, credit building, and generational wealth for Black communities. Technology has become an essential tool for all businesses and is one big question facing Black-owned firms. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many as 41% of Black-owned companies had to close their doors, and the pandemic also forced many businesses to a digital-first model. Many Black-owned businesses were already capital-starved, but they were forced to make the digital transformation or perish. 

What Is The American Dream Marketplace

Its constituents drove it, the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), and the COVID-19 accelerated the transformation to a digital-first business model in response to the pandemic partnered with TagFi to create The American Dream Marketplace. This platform provides Black-owned businesses the opportunity to make the transition to a digital first that would allow them to better compete in this new economy.

The Historical Context Of The ADM

Many Black-owned businesses have historically been unable to secure and operate technology tailored to their needs and enable them to scale and serve their communities fully. The ADM will provide a cutting-edge digital platform for Black-owned businesses that will allow them to capture more revenue streams such as advertising dollars, increased B2B and B2C revenue by having a single online location to locate and engage in eCommerce on a single platform focused on increasing Black business engagement. Some experts believe they already know the solution.

Black-Owned Businesses Need To Embrace Technology

Suppose Black-owned businesses are going to compete in a digital economy. In that case, they will have to start using social media, updating their online business systems to compete with other businesses for the Black consumer dollars. To attract the next generation of consumers, Black businesses must realize the need to offer mobile apps and become more social media savvy. The American Dream Marketplace has created a desktop and mobile app to consolidate Black business dollars and expand Black-owned businesses into the online world as a profit-driven unit. 

The Growing Impact Of The ADM

The Black business movement on the ADM is already impacting, with some #blackbusinesses reporting an enormous uptick in business and engagement. The rise in revenue is attributed to a wave of new individual customers and nonprofit and community organizations that now choose Black-owned social networks and Black-owned business directories. The ADM allows Black-owned businesses to locate, engage with, and do both B2B and B2C businesses.  

The ADM Creates A Black-Owned Business Ecosystem

Corporations that promised to make a direct donation into Black-owned businesses now have the opportunity to support a Black-owned business ecosystem where their contribution or investment will have a positive impact on multiple #Black-owned businesses with one investment.  Black-owned businesses have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their communities and could play a vital role in equitable economic recovery.

Key Takeaways

The ADM provides unique and innovative digital solutions that exist today that help Black-owned businesses live financially well, resulting in strong relationships with their clients/investors.  The ADM is a new and existing Black business solution that allows Black-owned enterprises to step up to the plate to create tailored digestible personal business and financial content that is in-culture and in-language to help people understand basic financial concepts so we can take a more collaborative approach to tackle the longstanding obstacles of financial inclusion, access, and general social inequality. To create your free personal and business profile please visit the American Dream Marketplace